1. Sign In With Your Favourite Social Media

Where 2 Eat Asia is the best Hua Hin restaurant listing site around! Not only that but it’s also super easy to use. Simply sign in using your favourite social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram or LinkedIn and you are ready to begin submitting your listing right away! No messing around creating user names or passwords or having to verify email addresses.

2. Submit Your Listing Information

Submitting a listing using our site is super simple, we’ve made entering the address of your place easy, when using our Google Places API plugin it will auto complete the listing address. You can add pictures, video, opening hours and many other great bits of information that your customers are going to want to see.

Please be aware that the listing service we provide is not free and you will need to have either created an account or signed in with your social media account to be able to submit one. Once you have provided your details one of our team will contact you to discuss your interest in joining our site and to discuss the pricing and arrange a meeting to get you up and running with a beautiful new Hua Hin listing.

3. Get More Interest In Your Restaurant

This won’t be the first time you look for a listing directory to help promote your restaurant, but it may be the last time! Because with Where 2 Eat Asia you have more than you could ever want or need.

When using Where 2 Eat Asia your restaurant listing will be a thing of beauty. Let’s be honest. The problem with most listing directories, while highly functional, is that many of them aren’t very pretty. It’s why the beautiful ones are so popular, because they match great photography with fantastic functionality.